Welcome Brain Gym

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50Plus Brain Fitness Programme


My name is Dr David Lewis and I will be your personal trainer in the brain gym guiding you through this course in mental enhancement.

Start your brain training programme now with our FREE Brain Age Test. After reviewing your results, we will tailor a brain workout for you, to help you get the best out of our brain gym.

Click here to take your Free Brain Age Test now!

Your personal Brain Fitness Programme draws on four modules :

Each module's brain exercises will strengthen your mental faculties in a different way. After exercising, you may measure your progress through the brain gym workouts by taking our Reassessment Test. Taking this quiz regularly will give you a record of your brain performance over time.

Cumulative Brain Function Improvement

Our Brain Training Modules each target different brain skills - some develop left brain function, others your right brain functions. Further brain exercises will build your concentration and improve memory along the way. Although each exercise focuses on one type of brain test or puzzle, the benefits they confer will lead to better thinking in all aspects of your brain functioning.

Brain Training Works

The unique strategies that make this brain training programme work were developed in collaboration with my colleagues Darren Bridger and James Greene, a leading American educational psychologist. Our brain gym workouts use fun brain teasers, puzzles and quizzes to improve your brain skills.

We have developed and refined these strategies and original material over the past two decades, and they have been extensively tested in both the UK and USA. Significant intellectual gains have been reported in terms of greater speed, flexibility and mental agility.


Brain Training can work for YOU

These gains, achieved across all age ranges, means we have complete confidence that these brain exercises will work just as well for you - always provided, of course, that you stay with the programme. Spend time in mastering these different ways of thinking, reasoning and reflecting - you too can achieve lifelong brain fitness!